Monday, 25 December 2017

Adorn Designer Bed Sheet on Bed for Traditional Thematic Décor

Theme décor plays an important role when we plan to invest in interior décor ensemble to present pleasant, stylish and opulent appearance to the setup. For those who are a big fan of traditional attires, Saavra makes for a dream location.

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Saavra a home to all your designing needs and requirements are serving with passion and commitment to turn your ordinary space into chamber of Mughal castle. The collection is common in use of bold patterns and rich Indian shades to present a royal look to the double bed cotton bed sheet.  

Designing Pattern

The bold motif patterns like arabesque, pictorial art, paisley, damask, floral, crests, jaipuri prints and buti represent the rich art culture of our nation in relics.


The bold patterns in fonts of bright and rich Indian shades on pestle and light tone shades backdrop would raw a wonderful contrast that would engage a royal and grand look to the bedroom interiors.

Use of Traditional Methods

The block print, interlocking of weaves and zari work at hemlines would instantly grab the attention of the viewer with its breathtaking finishing touch and jaw dropping appearance. 


Through designer bed sheet online shopping , Saavra has given a new lease of life to local artisans who face tough competition from machine made fabrics. The experienced artisans with their years of hard work, experience and precision create a piece that eternal in beauty and rich in look.


The use of natural fibers in cotton fabrics ensures a soothing feel to the skin and resistance from the effects of allergy carriers and infection. The clean, neat and crisp look is ensured through its waterproof features. The all-weather friendly cotton linens ensure uniform climate through the year and a comforting feel to relaxer. Finesse is assured through fine weaves of cotton.

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