Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Way To Bring Homes Traditional Ambiance Through Royal Diwan Sets

If you are a wholesaler and want to buy some tradition home décor then diwan set is the best option for it. This set of décor has a great demand not in India but also outside the country, so purchase in a bulk and make your shop a world famous. You may easily get diwan bed sheets through online shopping from the house of saavra along with the accessories such as bolster covers & cushion and become a sensation in your city. Customer will love to visit again and again on your shop as they will get their favorite choice of diwan linen. 

diwan set cover online

Great Impact in Front of The Customers

Saavra is offering a tradition theme which is perfect for any home and the entire set is available at cost effective price. Get a great feedback from your customers as they will love to demand & ask for the latest update of designs and themes. The product delivery is fast and is on time; so you choose to order set of 5 or 10 you will get on time and this fast delivery makes a great impact in front of your customer. Each theme whether it is urban, traditional or related to culture all will offer a 3D effect. 

Feel The Sense of Comfort

Get free from complaining as the linen is made with premium quality grade which has a strong & smooth texture. You will get to see a grand change in the appearance and the sense of comfort around your home as you buy diwan set cover through online shopping from the house of saavra as they are lined within thin piping around the edges which gives them a firm dimension. Saavra has incorporated with all the things that contribute in making this set one of the best. In case you are dissatisfied with the products, you can easily return them within 30 days from the date of purchase.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

How To Give Amazing Look To Home Interior With Designer Curtains

Curtains always expand the outlook of your window. Its classy prints and designs bring a fabulous change in your bedroom. It has the charm to define your home in a luxury way. Choose a drape with eyelets which offers a contemporary pencil pleating. You would see a lasting impression whenever you enter your room. Designer door curtains with exceptional shades and prints conceal the look of your window & door both from top to bottom and impart a great look. Each design is employed on the curtains and offers style and functionality. The lively and sparkling array of colors employed on printed curtains help to filter the incoming light coming inside through windows and doors, and add a unique effect to the bedroom.
beautiful curtains online

Designed by Skilled Artisans

It looks crisp and clean as the visual appearance defines its beauty. Made with premium grade fabric and are tested against color bleeding and easy to maintain as it machine washable and wrinkle resistant which ensure perfect length and dimension after get washed. The fabulous prints and patterns are intricately designed by skilled artisans. You may have these beautiful curtains from online portal of saavra as you surely get every design on the curtains which are crafted intricately and highlighted the pattern boldly. The fine stitching shows art in weave which give a glossy and shiny look. The printed curtains affect the whole the interior and exterior of your bedroom. 

Expand The Outlook of The Interior

Curtains are a necessity in every home as it enhances the decoration of the interiors and keeps the home protected. It is available in wide range of designs and colors to suit your requirements. Expand the outlook of your window and door and showcase your home in a magnificent manner.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Best Features of Curtains to Modify the Look of Window Panes

Do you feel your living space looks plain and lack life in spite of decorating it with best of furniture and sitting arrangements? Is there dearth of colour that gives your place a boring and dull look? If yes, then give your room a makeover by purchasing ethnic curtains from online store of Saavra.

What’s New at Saavra

Saavra is brand that endorses rich collection of ethnic and traditional themed home décor products. The collection ranges from bed linen and diwan set to table linens and curtains.


In terms of design, they make good use of floral, motifs and trendy stripes, Scaly and Aztecs. These designs are inspired from our natural surroundings and traditional art forms. The liveliness of nature is successfully captured with use of vibrant shades like red, orange, yellow, green and blue.


These patterns are inked on pestle and light tone shades to present a royal and grand look to plain and idle sitting window panes. Since they include both set of color palates, the homemakers present a diverse look to room interiors. The blend of contrasting colours encourages a striking presence to the pair of curtains.

Additional Features:

Handcrafted Linens

The linens are designed by experienced panel and execute by talented artisans. Each piece is handcrafted. This ensures a fine and smooth feel to the linen texture. They further make the collection appear rich and alluring to give it a glance.

Artistic Border

Not just that, the printed as well solid border on top gives pair of curtains a bright and attractive look to interiors.   

Comforting Fabrics

The entire collection at Saavra is made from cotton. It is the most preferred fabric to use for Indian conditions. They are light in feel, durable to use in all seasons and attractive in overall presence.

Give your living room interiors and window panels a makeover by spending money on Indian ethnic curtain exclusively from Saavra. 

Friday, 12 January 2018

How to Make Your Drawing Room More Appealing for Guests

Decorations are an essential element that helps host to set the right tone for creating the celebration theme. The vibrant, lively and colorful setup would help the host present a festive décor to the theme. The diwans set covers online at Saavra would let you discover that grand and opulent look to the living space.

Vibrancy & Liveliness


Saavra collection endows a reflection of India’s rich traditions and values through use of artistic techniques and diverse patterns. The bold motif patterns assert a royal charm and majestic vibe to the ambiance. Expanding the timeless beauty of these patterns is use of colours that are equally diverse in nature.

Diverse Use of Colors


The shades of red, orange, yellow, green and blue are smartly utilized to add colours to the royal furniture. The vibrant colours of the motifs which are embossed in pestle shades of the backdrop help to add a look which visually unique from each angle they are observed.

Fusion Twist


Apart from motifs, the collection also endow floral, pictorial art, checks, waves, Aztec stripes that present  a fusion look to the setup. The vibrant colours meanwhile reflect a traditional flavor; the innovative patterns rekindle the trendy essence of the modern décor. The blend of both the world engages an inviting look that is vital for a party theme.



The fine textures of the cotton fabrics impart a shining look and glamorous appearance to the royal furniture. The standard size ensures clean and crisp look; waterproof and anti-allergenic features assure neat and hygienic ambiance to the surrounding.

The diverse collection from Saavra provides host an opportunity to select a set that suits their theme décor. To create that perfect party setup to the ambiance, you may get diwan set on online portal of Saavra.

Monday, 25 December 2017

Adorn Designer Bed Sheet on Bed for Traditional Thematic Décor

Theme décor plays an important role when we plan to invest in interior décor ensemble to present pleasant, stylish and opulent appearance to the setup. For those who are a big fan of traditional attires, Saavra makes for a dream location.

buy double bed sheets online

Saavra a home to all your designing needs and requirements are serving with passion and commitment to turn your ordinary space into chamber of Mughal castle. The collection is common in use of bold patterns and rich Indian shades to present a royal look to the double bed cotton bed sheet.  

Designing Pattern

The bold motif patterns like arabesque, pictorial art, paisley, damask, floral, crests, jaipuri prints and buti represent the rich art culture of our nation in relics.


The bold patterns in fonts of bright and rich Indian shades on pestle and light tone shades backdrop would raw a wonderful contrast that would engage a royal and grand look to the bedroom interiors.

Use of Traditional Methods

The block print, interlocking of weaves and zari work at hemlines would instantly grab the attention of the viewer with its breathtaking finishing touch and jaw dropping appearance. 


Through designer bed sheet online shopping , Saavra has given a new lease of life to local artisans who face tough competition from machine made fabrics. The experienced artisans with their years of hard work, experience and precision create a piece that eternal in beauty and rich in look.


The use of natural fibers in cotton fabrics ensures a soothing feel to the skin and resistance from the effects of allergy carriers and infection. The clean, neat and crisp look is ensured through its waterproof features. The all-weather friendly cotton linens ensure uniform climate through the year and a comforting feel to relaxer. Finesse is assured through fine weaves of cotton.

Monday, 18 December 2017

Buy Double Bed Sheets for Creating Elegance into Bedrooms

There are lots of sheets’ prints which you may get from the online portal of saavra.com; the design itself generates an idea of decoration and indicates the perfect choice for each age group. The proper images of each collection do not make you confuse in selecting according to your needs, wants and desire. Find an excellent texture quality which is combined with the magnificent prints and ensures to deliver soft touch.  You may easily buy double bed sheets online from saavra as the entire design has the charm to convert the simple place into a more lavish one.
buy double bed sheets online

Creating Tranquil & Elegant Ambience


The visual appearance of the bed cover creates a great ambience; just have it in your home which is really necessary and essential product for your bedding. The designs would reflect enthralling royal and give the grand touch to your bedroom. There is a creative patterns which imparts a luxurious look and creates a tranquil and elegance ambience in the living space.  The array of beautiful colors add a splash of glam to the living space. Try to arrange in a systematic manner with the help of cushion covers and pillow covers so that it gives a creative look. You are going to be amazed after giving a makeover to the bedding as from now it does not give an outmoded look and offers a great brand new look.

Perfect Piece for Complement Entire Home Décor


Merging with any home décor as the different design, pattern, and color helps users to create perfect interior. Not the bedding but also the entire room comes under the frame of perfect picture look. The prints and designs come in a classic print which brings a great change in the overall interior. You may easily shop customized bed sheets by online India shopping portal in form of saavra.