Thursday, 12 October 2017

Beautify Of Your Architecture with Designer Curtains

There are many spaces in the home which are left neglected despite the fact they hold significance in terms of architectural beauty. Once spiced up by the beauty of designer interior ensembles, they would all together illuminate your interiors of home and life in one go. It is only when your dream home is decorated with gorgeous artifacts and interior decorative that one feels a sense of  life penetrating through the ambiance of the space.

Some of the best architecture spaces that churn to add a dose of magnificence to the look of the rooms are its windows, doors, and wall arches. Once you insert beautiful curtains online from Saavra it would draw focus on each corner and part of the room.

The bold patterns and lively shades of the drapes would help you enhance dynamic and spread natural vibe of the nature to the window. Its overall look would make the glass of window look even more pure and panes more artistic. You can give a similar look to the balcony sliders for uniform and symmetric appearance.   
Apart from the design on the door, the drapes would also highlight the moldings, skirting and wall paints. They instantly draw the attention of the visitor to the lights of the celling.

The Indian homes make a perfect fusion of modern style incorporating of elements that glorify our rich art. They embody some of the most attractive features that picture a mesmerizing and contagious inviting aura. The wall arches would not only present royal and majestic appearance to the living space but also they help visitor differentiate between open and private space as they adequately separate the line between living and porch or kitchen in a systemized manner. Often you must have seen people cover their AC boxes or temples with drapes, you can also present a similar look to such spaces just buy best living room curtains from Saavra.

The curtains which are available in a number of sizes would fit perfectly to the frames of these spacious marvels.

Monday, 9 October 2017

A Dining Table Runner Set For Every Occasion

Well to start with gone are the days when your guests used to feel satisfied by just gorging on the cuisines you prepared for them. Now with changing times and lifestyle patterns, they would expect you to arrange the table in an eloquent manner.
dining table runner set
It highlights the host’s sincerity and creates an inviting aura for guests to feel special. The table sets also make cuisines look presentable and your dining table highly organized. In the presence of your colleagues, it raises stature with your professional behavior and supreme table etiquettes in such a manner the furniture are decorated.   

Place the runner horizontally across the dinette to make dinette look even more spacious. It provides definition to sitting arrangement as it smartly divides the space to place Individual plates and as well bowl or silverwares in the process.

The dining mats online at Saavra would make your designer crockeries look even more stylish and glamorous. Organizing crockeries is done to look easier and fascinating in appearance around dinette.

The bold patterns and bright shades would make every moment a celebration as its ethnic look would charm your festivity in its royal grandeur. The new age Aztec, waves, speckles and scaly would perpetuate a lively, natural and a soothing feel to the setup. They would be perfect for the house-warming, house parties with friends and other small gatherings.

The matching cotton napkins online from Saavra would make sure the entire dining set look clean & neat, and the surroundings remain hygienic.

Also if you have kids in the company, do cover their dress by placing napkins on their laps, so even when the stains of curry spills, it won’t spoil the look of the dress. Bring home the table runner set and create that lavish restaurant like ambiance into home.  

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Guide To Décor - Designer Curtains To Enhance Interior

Curtain is an essential interior assemble that helps you highlight the architectural marvels of your home, defines spaces that helps guests to distinguish between open and private space. These decorative elements accentuate the beauty of windows, doors and wall arches to create that grand and opulent appearance to the space.

Well one has to still consider certain aspects before purchasing a pair of drape for the dream world. You would definitely not like to create that confusing mix and match look that lacks rhythm.

One may feel the need for a proper guidance or professional help. Books, magazines and websites would work for beginners. The following points listed below are also worth some reading; do glance through for an immediate purpose

If the dining room is already blossomed in enticing spell of colorful wall paints, art souvenirs, expansive set of furniture and linen collections, then one should settle with drapes that are printed in soft patterns and various color combinations. The light shade and soft pattern drape would contrast wonderfully with bright interiors and create a balancing visually attractive appearance to the room.

Whereas if the décor is a bit on a lighter side where wall are colored in usual white, creams, and ivory shades which are decorated further by presence of antique wall hangings and showpieces, archaic style of furniture and hosiery, then bring home bright colored and bold pattern Indian ethnic curtain from Saavra to strike a balancing act and create that impeccable royal and enchanting flair.

The bold pictorial, damask, crest, paisleys, floral in colorful red, yellow, green, and blue would help to brighten up the interiors of the space and leave your guests amazed with its enthralling design and intricate detailing.

Ethnic Curtains Online India at Saavra provides you a golden opportunity to style homes in a variety of designer linens collection that would assimilate with both bright and subtle interiors.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Table Runner Set Creates A Spacious Look And Adds A Charm

Everyone wants to represent their home in a unique manner but the most important thing is to choose the perfect product for your unique home décor. So keeping this issue in mind, saavra introduces the catalogue of table covers which includes napkins, mats and runners which are going to be perfect additional for your dining space. This table runner set comes in an array of designs and splash of colors.

The rich Indian patterns based on ethnic, tradition and folk would add indigenous vibes of creative culture to the interiors of the dining décor. You can choose the pattern according to the infrastructure of the dining hall, mood or by the occasional reason. This limitless creativity is available on the online portal of saavra.

You may go with zig zag wavy, intricate motif, forest fern, sandy beach, folk delight, festive vibe, creative asira and so on. You may add more splurge to the space by giving the napkin and mats along with innovative look. You may give a creative fold to the napkins which are going to impart the entire look beautifully. The placement of each accessory in a systematic way would reflect enthralling royal and grand touch to the living space.

Time to time the look of the pattern get more refined according to the latest trends by the most skilled artisans and weavers. New design, bold treatments, a mix of tradition and contemporary look will make the table ideal for every home. 

Dining table runners along with its accessories is made from premium graded cotton, which will give a seamless look to the customized furniture. It would definitely touch your soul when you place your hands on the table.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

5 Reasons Why You Should Own Dining Runners Set

Present an endearing appearance to your dining table and avail an attractive look to your cuisines with new arrival dining table runners online at Saavra. There are a number of reasons why you should purchase designer linen for your dining table. While reading through the following pointers, you would be able to analyze the motives why one must invest in luxury linens.

buy table runner set online

Print & Colors- It incorporate those prints which reflect Indian tradition & values and resemble to royal and grand lifestyle of Mughal era. The ethnic patterns like motifs, floral and folk artistic pattern would endeavor to present a rich and lively outlook to your décor. They are innovatively designed and printed in such a way that they would blend articulately with any type of theme décor. The use of rich colors like red, orange, yellow, green and blue has that enchanting appeal that would instantly draws the attention and creates an inviting aura for your guest to feel welcome. The welcoming colors would convert your each day into a festival and every moment into a celebration.

Hemline border- giving a sense of definition and as well serving the purpose of uplifting the beauty of the design and the linen altogether, the table runner set is infused with piping or the contrast intense colors of the hemline border.

Fabrics- embrace the qualities and seek the benefit of the natural fibers with purchase of this cotton set which variably comprises of runners, mates and napkins. The fine weaves endure strength and durability to the covers the soft texture and hypoallergenic features ensures comforting feel to the diner.

Size- an apt size conceals all the flaws of the table. It defines the edges properly, gives a grace drop and presents a flawless look to your table.  Moreover, it ensures neat, crisp and clean look. 

Table Material- Be it marble, wooden, plastic or steel, it would equally enhance the beauty of your furniture set.