Sunday, 30 July 2017

Why Should you Insert Curtains Instead of Blinds in Your Home?

Let’s help you clear your confusion whether you should invest your savings in blinds or curtains.  So first you must explore their construct, functioning, styling and use to figure out which one is the best for your home.

Curtains are inserted or hung with help of rods from ceiling point to the skirting of your window panes. Else they are also used to drape your doors and wall arches. Curtains are made from sewn of cotton yarn into layers of fabric, whereas, blinds are basically just window coverings. Blinds are a compilation of horizontal or vertical slats that are assembled together with the help of cords that run all across through the length of slats. They are available in wooden, aluminum and plastic material. You can get the best living room curtains from the website They have the look of perfection and can be used in any window.

Curtains help you block the direct intense UV rays of the sun. Rays of the sun are extremely bright on the eye which can cause irritation to eye in a long run also they simmer extreme heat, you room may end turning hot and humid in its effect, furniture also turns fade. With curtain, you don’t need to worry as they won’t let strong intense rays to enter the room. As they complete the block the view of the room, they assure the privacy of individual of family and let them enjoy their moments with a free mind. Also, they act as a divider that separate one room from other room, and definition to look of the room. Blinds are meant to partially cover the window where the light does penetrate through the stack of blinds. It won’t protect you from the intense weather or assure your privacy the curtain does.   

Since curtains are made of fabric, you have a perfect opportunity to play with colors and patterns whereas the wooden blinds would limit you to windows in plain and earthy colors only. Blinds would limit you to confines of office space and curtains can be placed in both formal and casual setups. Curtain accessorize enrich the look of your room. Ethnic curtains online India from Saavra would further add beauty to your room interiors. 

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