Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Light Up Your Festive Occasions in Imperial Collection of Royal Diwans Set

Well, it’s August and be all prepared to set your home in a stylish manner for the festive occasions that are lined up in the coming next two months. So before you completely indulge self in the glory of this festive occasion to plan and decorate your home in advance. Buy diwan set covers online in India from and modify your home in the most enticing way. It will surely lift the spirit of your home in a matter of seconds. Make all changes to your home at present because later on, you won’t find time to breathe as relatives, friends would flock your home with their greetings and gifts.
diwan set covers online

The real joy of festivities is best enjoyed in ambiance that reflects royal vibe that’s full of grandeur and imbibes the essence of ethnicity and tradition. The ethnic print would perfectly justify your traditional theme décor. The intricate motif and vector patterns etched in rich Indian shades of red, greens, oranges and blue would surely amaze you with its jaw dropping beauty.    

The symmetric synchronization of geometric patterns ink in the most enticing set of colors on royal diwan furniture set unleashes a vintage charm, a sight that your guest won’t be able to forget for years to come. If your living room is spread in a limited space then you can invest in diwan linens which are print in stripes as they give an illusion of wider and spacious look. For a lively and endearing look, incorporate floral and tribal prints.  

The matching cushions and bolster covers add to the royal stature of the unique and exquisiteness of diwans. The fine stitch of diwan linens give a crisp, clean look and add finesse to the look of furniture setup. The natural fibers and smooth texture of cotton fabrics would make you feel extremely comfortable. If you desire to create an aura that reflects your traditional values and ethics in this festive season then buy diwan sets online at Saavra. 

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Why Should you Insert Curtains Instead of Blinds in Your Home?

Let’s help you clear your confusion whether you should invest your savings in blinds or curtains.  So first you must explore their construct, functioning, styling and use to figure out which one is the best for your home.

Curtains are inserted or hung with help of rods from ceiling point to the skirting of your window panes. Else they are also used to drape your doors and wall arches. Curtains are made from sewn of cotton yarn into layers of fabric, whereas, blinds are basically just window coverings. Blinds are a compilation of horizontal or vertical slats that are assembled together with the help of cords that run all across through the length of slats. They are available in wooden, aluminum and plastic material. You can get the best living room curtains from the website They have the look of perfection and can be used in any window.

Curtains help you block the direct intense UV rays of the sun. Rays of the sun are extremely bright on the eye which can cause irritation to eye in a long run also they simmer extreme heat, you room may end turning hot and humid in its effect, furniture also turns fade. With curtain, you don’t need to worry as they won’t let strong intense rays to enter the room. As they complete the block the view of the room, they assure the privacy of individual of family and let them enjoy their moments with a free mind. Also, they act as a divider that separate one room from other room, and definition to look of the room. Blinds are meant to partially cover the window where the light does penetrate through the stack of blinds. It won’t protect you from the intense weather or assure your privacy the curtain does.   

Since curtains are made of fabric, you have a perfect opportunity to play with colors and patterns whereas the wooden blinds would limit you to windows in plain and earthy colors only. Blinds would limit you to confines of office space and curtains can be placed in both formal and casual setups. Curtain accessorize enrich the look of your room. Ethnic curtains online India from Saavra would further add beauty to your room interiors. 

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Decorate Your Room in Harmonizing Hues of Beautiful Curtains

The most striking change that could transform the appearance of your home in a matter of seconds and would add life to your room is a curtain.  They surely would uplift the beauty of your idle setting window panes and doors. So it’s quite eminent that you need to choose your curtains well from the flock of drapes that is widespread in the market. Invest in bright colored curtains as they automatically illuminate your room with designer door curtains.

best living room curtains

For every color that you use, they create their own identity and look. Consider these color options and pick the one that suits the purpose of your selection that harmonizes your interior theme.

Red-It’s intense, energetic and vibrant. So the moment you enter drawing room, it would instantly attract your attention. It stimulates strong emotions like love and affection hence set up the mode to capture a perfect romantic moment. Color pink and orange impersonate similar sentiments.
Orange is peppy, cheerful and exudes a grand look to your interiors. It would constantly boost your spirit and enable you to develop a positive outlook on life events.

Green-The calmness and liveliness of nature are best replicate in the shades of green. The serene green would give a natural and light flair to your ambiance.

Blue- Creates a very peaceful and calm feel and decorating a blue shade curtain in your room would make your guest feel welcome. It would help you release all your nervous energy, anxiety and tiredness. Purple would be apt if you plan to organize a party or any other event at home as it is a color of festivity and celebrations. It's lively yet pleasing to the eye.

Earthy colors like brown, beige, cream and silver present a natural, classy and elegant vibe to your room. These colors are so dynamic in nature that they would assimilate with any theme décor. The bold borders on the top highlight the gracious beauty of curtains. Place an order for best living room curtains at

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Ethnic Curtains to Create a Home of Timeless Elegance

Finding an idea to decorate a bedroom at a bare minimum price then implementing the idea of window treatment is a bit hectic work. You can decorate the window of your bedroom with old looks with a modern flair. Ethnic curtains are the most popular at this time as the tradition base curtains come in a combination of designs such as floral, classical, checks stripes, geometry, and dots, which you can use according to the concept of your home. The designs are extremely well detailed which will give a high-class look.
These best living room curtains, when hung on your window, will surely bring a fabulous change in your space as they have classy prints with elegant color fusions. So without thinking a second remove your outmoded curtains and drape with these flawless curtains.

Buy beautiful curtains online from saavra  and take the pleasure of abstract design which is made using the dazzling shapes with matching color schemes.  If you want to get the perfect look of the curtains then choose the fine quality of fabrics. It will fall more lavishly creating wavy shapes along the curtains. Your curtains will look more fabulous if you use bronze and silver hanging rods.

These curtains are not limited only to the design and colors but also helps in creating a calm and cool ambience in your space. The graceful look will not make you feel crammed into your own bedroom. From size to pattern and from design to theme, you can make your space to look much better with these curtains.

If you want to balance the beauty of your bedroom then place an order for ethnic curtains at the online portal of They offer the finest quality curtains in a wide range of colors and designs from which you can choose the best for your home. 

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Table Covers For a Rich Dining Experience

Gone are the days when stylish and classy table covers were only used by the royal and rich families. But now with the change in time and improvement in the people’s standard of living, most the homes are decorated with luxurious table covers.  Buy designer table covers online from Saavra and change the way people see your dining décor.

The dining room table covers give a versatile look to your table and also to the dining space. They are designed in a wide range of colors and designs to meet the desires of every individual. The themes and prints include Aztec tribal, blue ferns, traditional Jaipuri print, artistic galore, cultural motifs and a lot more that will make your every meal delightful and the moment special.

The designs are crafted with extreme precision, that it will enhance any kind of table made from any kind of material such as glass, wood or plastic. If you have invited a guest on dinner then this covers it the best way to present your tables with as it imparts a welcoming feeling. You will taste the delicacy in every bite of your mean as these covers offer a delightful feeling. Its refined looks can instantly change the ambience of your dining space.

The market is flooded with different patterns and themes of table covers but the best and ideal ones are only available at the online portal of  You can choose according to the theme of your table and also according to the look you desire to create. To give a complete look to your table you can align the table runner, mats and napkin together with the matching table covers. These table cover are made with premium grade of cotton which will give a seamless free flowing look to your table. You can also uplift the beauty of your table tops by placing candle stands and flower vases.

A Stylish Change With Ethnic Bed Sheets

Make your home sparkle with the modifications of ethnic prints and traditional themes. If you love to create a fusion look in your home then this ethnic luxury bed linen sets would be the best option. The bed linen consists of bed sheets, bed runner, pillow covers, bed comforters and many more.  You can theme your bedroom and living room with these tribal prints, intricate motif, arabesque patterns and cultural designs.

The entire soft ethnic pattern is mostly theme based on culture and tradition which reflects the rich Indian heritage of India. You will feel a royal essence in your space in the presence of these ethnic bedding sets. Also, you can mix the ethnic designs with modern prints like zigzags, stripes and speckles to give a contrasting look to your bedroom.

Your bed will soon become the heart of your home as the bed runner and pillow cover will give your bed a classy look with its traditional prints. It will add a great elegance and charm to your space. The coordination between the color and design is done with perfection to create a balanced visual. The product is also dyed in natural colors to ensure a colorfast nature.

Bed linen is not only for adding style to your bedroom, in fact, it makes you feel more welcoming and relaxed. These bed linens are among the best home décor products that you will find online at

All the products are quality printed and are stitched with extreme intricacy to ensure a flawless look and reduce wear and tear. It will look crisp and neat when you fit it on your bed.

In hot summer the warm beds can cause a lot of soreness on your skin and also may cause discomfort in the night, therefore, buy cotton bed linen online from and enjoy the most comfortable sleep.